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Planetchangers Planetchangers is a Christian group that will incorporate people from over 30 countries of the world. We want to build friendship and companionship. Each member will have access to at least five people each from over 30 countries on the planet earth.
We already have over 100 representatives from over 30 countries: India, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Tunisia, Turkey, Italy, Sudan, Rwanda, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Nigeria, El Salvador, Romania, Singapore, UK, Kenya, Namibia, Algeria, China, Ireland, Jamaica, Uganda, Cameroon, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, United Arab Emirate, US, Benin, Guinea, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Gambia and Canada.
It is all about gathering a set of people that will make a difference in their countries and set a good example for others to follow.

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Praise Reports

Wiser than Failure contains an irresistible mind blowing message, a one in a million guidance to academic success. -Salmat Abdulmumin, Author, I Decide to Live (Lebanon)

You (Oluyemi Adediran) are a great motivator for the people of all the ages. Keep the good work.- Vishal Dhuriya (India)

This (The Secrets of the Greatest Men in the World) is a wow and incredible. - Vinicious (Brazil)

There is deep wisdom in your writing. You are such a blessing to many.- Pastor Sithole Lysias (Zimbabwe)

How may I get your books to Egypt sir? I enjoy the extract from them.- Precious, Egypt

Forcing Yourself into Greatness is a reminiscence of John Ploughman's talks of the midtwentienth century.- Professor Lekan Oyegoke, University of Botswana

Hi, Oluyemi. I will try to convince two of my friends next week to be part of Planetchangers. I'm making great efforts trying to change the world next to me. - Edward Melechunk (Romania)

Activating your Dreams and Visions is the best book I have ever read in my life. Sir, I will like to be like you.- Segun, Ibadan

I read Forcing yourself into Greatness and was blessed. Sir, I will like you to be my mentor.- Cynthia, Cross River

You words are so powerful that I feel like shouting very loud but I cannot for I will wake up the people sleeping.- Jose (El Salvador, Central America)

These are just few of praise reports we receive. 14 out of Oluyemi Adediran books are now available for sale on
With your dollar, euro, pounds or naira account, you can buy the books on the website by bank transfer. Kindle editions are also available on Amazon.

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